“HIJICA” is a coined word that stands for “Soil and Fire” and “daily life”.
From interior to exterior to space. It is a “Homeware” brand that considers the possibilities of making pottery and soil.

Shigaraki is one of Japan’s leading pottery producing areas with a history of more than 1000 years. Since the modern era, we have created a wide variety of products that support all aspects of life, from large items to small items and architecture, making use of the characteristics and technological capabilities of flexible Shigaraki soil. Shigaraki ware is unique in its flexibility and variety, which is unique. There was a desire to face the soil and help the lives of many people.

The spirit and wisdom of those ancestors is the root of our manufacturing. Taking this starting point once again, we will consider the possibilities of pottery that accompanies modern lifestyles through this brand.

Make the creation created by soil and fire “everyday”.


Shigaraki clay is taken from the stratum (Lake Biwa Formation) formed by the carcasses of animals and plants deposited on the bottom of the lake 3 million years ago and the sediment of granite that has weathered and flowed in. The soil contained a large amount of feldspar and silica stone grains, and produced kiln changes peculiar to Shigaraki ware such as fire color, ash cover, and stone explosion. In addition, because it is strong and easy to mold large items, it has become possible to create a wide variety of products.
While respecting these locally produced materials, we aim to continue manufacturing for the next era.


This area is home to the local culture and values backed by 1300 manufacturing. The history of continuous pottery, the rich natural environment, the relaxing time and the atmosphere … The essence that can only be found here gives us an important awareness. The inspiration I enjoy from my own local environment will be the basis of the HIJICA brand, and while sometimes reinterpreting, I would like to create something that we feel comfortable with today and share it with many people.


HIJICA is a new brand project by Shigaraki ware kiln maker Meizan, which has been in business since 1622.
We believe that tradition is a continuum of innovation. We will continue to take on the challenge of pursuing new possibilities in the production areas, regardless of the current situation.
We are working every day to keep up with the high skills of craftsmen who have been cultivated for over 400 years.